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innogy in Slovakia

VSE Holding Group: Stable partner with long-term experience

We are present at the Slovak energy market more than 80 years. We offer our services to
500 000 customers– households, comapnies and organisations.

VSE Holding Group, manages and supports its daughter companies, distributing electricity,
supplying electricity and natural gas together with offer of other products and
services. We are part of innvoative brand innogy and we manage the regional hub of South
East Europe.

We belong to the biggest employers in the Eastern region of Slovakia.

Shareholders of VSE Holding:

  • 51 % shares owned by Slovak republic, represented by the Ministry of Economy Slovenská republika,
  • 49 % shares owned by company innogy International Participations N.V

Východoslovenská energetika
More than electricity supply

innogy represents exactly what we have been doing for our customers for several years
– new products thanks to which their households save more, become safer and more

Východoslovenská energetika a.s. (VSE) provides comprehensive services related to
electricity consumption.

VSE business activities include the purchase of electricity from its producers and its
sales to our approximately 500,000 customers – households, companies and organizations,
large and key customers. We provide our customers with comprehensive services in the
area of electricity sales and distribution via Integrated Power Supply Contracts. The
owner of VSE shares is VSE Holding a.s. (100 %).
Apart from the electricity sales, VSE also provides advisory in the form of its energy
audit, the Benefits Cards for our customers and further products and services focused on
energy savings.
Values that VSE wants to fulfil are the following: trust, reliability, customer
orientation, performance and shaping the future of the energy industry. On top of the
electricity supply and related services and as part of innogy, we also bring our
customers new products and solutions that help them save money, increase the safety of
their property, health and personal comfort.

VSD (Východoslovenská distribučná, a.s.)

VSD belongs to the VSEH Group and is a distribution system operator in its designated
area of the Košice, Prešov and part of the Banská Bystrica self-governing region. In the
area of 16 thousand square kilometres, the company operates 56 electrical substations,
transformer and switching stations, almost 23 thousand kilometres of lines at the HV
down to LV levels and almost 6 thousand 22/04 kV transformer stations. The company
distributes electricity to more than 600,000 offtake points.
inogy is a strategic investor of the company as one of the leading energy companies in

VSD carries out the following key activities:
electricity distribution;
system development planning;
distribution system controlling;
sales of capacity for the connection into the distribution system;

innogy Slovensko
More than gas supply

innogy Slovensko has s.r.o. been operating in the Slovak gas market since 2008 (until 30
September 2016 under the name of RWE Gas Slovensko, s.r.o.). We are the second biggest
supplier of natural gas and energy solutions that is trusted by more than 4,000 business
and organizations customers and more than 100,000 households in the Slovak Republic.
Apart from the gas supply and related services, we keep bringing new products and
solutions to our Slovak customers that help them save money, increase the safety of
their property, health and personal comfort.

innogy Solutions
Energy services for entrepreneurs and companies

innogy Solutions s.r.o. was established in 2010 as KA Contracting SK, s.r.o. The first
project implemented in Slovakia is a 2×4 MWth biomass heat station in Banská Bystrica.
Since its commissioning in 2011, the stations has been diversifying heat sources for the
citizens and entities running their business in the city. As part of the brand change
from RWE to innogy, the company changed its name to innogy Solutions s.r.o. in the
summer of 2016. Its name should emphasize the scope of activities of the company, i.e.
energy solutions.

The aim of innogy Solutions s.r.o. is to offer its services mainly in the B2B segment,
whereas we focus mostly on the following areas:

  • Heat generation from conventional and renewable sources
  • Preparation and implementation of projects in the area of energy services, mainly:
    • renewal of heat stations,
    • renewal of energy infrastructure of buildings (utilities, heating units),
    • assessment and possible implementation of insulation of buildings,
    • assessment of possibilities for savings in the area of lighting,
    • energy supply as a service, e.g. based on the EPC model (Energy Performance

innogy in Croatia

The business activities of innogy in Croatia since 2013 are managed by RWE Hrvatska company, headquartered in Zagreb.

RWE Hrvatska participates in the energy value chain through the sale of electricity (RWE Energija d.o.o.), sale of gas (RWE Plin do.o., Koprivnica Opskrba d.o.o, Montcogim-plinara d.o.o.), gas distribution (Koprivnica Plin d.o.o., Montcogim-plinara d.o.o.) and water treatment (ZOV d.o.o.), as well as through developing projects of renewable energy sources in partnership with HEP (Novenerg d.o.o.).

RWE has been active in the business of wastewater management and treatment in Croatia since 2000. In cooperation with partners, RWE has built and is managing a wastewater treatment plant in the city of Zagreb, with a capacity to store and treat water necessary for 1,2 million citizens.

RWE Energija is the second biggest electricity supply company in Croatia, providing more than 130,000 households and business with more affordable electricity. RWE Energija remains strongest market challenger with 7% market share.

In 2015 RWE founded a company for gas supply – RWE Plin d.o.o. In late 2016 RWE Plin was the first market-oriented supplier to enter into the supply of Croatian households, and is seen as a frontrunner and a market challenger in the development of the fully liberalized gas market in Croatia.

In April 2017 RWE Hrvatska realized its first acquisition in Croatia, becoming the owner of 75% of the shares of the local gas supply and distribution companies Koprivnica Opskrba d.o.o. and Koprivnica Plin d.o.o. with around 13,000 customers. At the beginning of 2018 we also took over Montcogim-plinara, another local gas supply and distribution company, and gained additional 11,000 customers. We are successfully leading the gas market consolidation in Croatia.

Altogether, RWE in Croatia serves more than 150,000 households and business customers with affordable gas and electricity, as well as innovative E+ products and services, for more savings and energy efficiency.

RWE Hrvatska is a regional hub, centralising staff and providing services to OpCos in both Croatia and Slovenia, and is part of innogy SEE.

innogy in Slovenia

At RWE Ljubljana company, part of innogy SEE, we offer to our customers fair and
competitive prices of electricity supply together with high quality and innovative
products. Our goal is to lower the consumption of electricity in Slovenian households
and businesses and bring best savings to our customers. We are the first foreign energy player in Slovenia.

Key facts and figures:


RWE Ljubljana
currently 27,000 and is rising