Managers´meeting at the High Tatras

The new year has started so it is necessary to openly talk about the upcoming challenges of 2019. That was the main reason for the team building at the High Tatras. Team building was attended by all Slovak managers and iSEE board members. The agenda was divided in two parts. First part consisted of the presentations of iSEE board members and was followed by the gallery walks of Slovak managers. Gallery walks focused on the current projects of individual Slovak departments. Second part was mainly about outdoor activities with the aim to strengthen the cooperation and team spirit.

“Whole team building was very good and I have really enjoyed its informal part, as I had a unique chance to talk with my colleagues about their projects and aims. All of us have a busy schedule, that´s why it is so important to meet once in a year and share our feelings and experiences“, said Karl Kraus, CEO of innogy SEE.