Girls Day at innogy SEE

The number of women in the IT world is extremely small and, unfortunately, Slovakia is the worst in Europe in this regard. The situation is caused by the fact that the work in the IT field is still perceived as a male domain. That´s why we´ve decided to support the initiative named Girls Day.

Girls Days (Worldwide Women´s Day in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) was held in 60 companies, IT companies, organizations and universities across Slovakia which had prepared a total of 74 girls´ programs. The aim of the day is to present the ICT field in a funny and interesting way.

We joined Girls Day for the second time and our ladies from the ICT department prepared an interesting program for 15 girls. Lia Vargová talked about the life of a Java developer, whereas Mária Bodnárova described the world of an SAP consultant. Katka Orság explained the concept of IT security. The day ended with a demonstration of virtual reality.

It was a wonderful day and we already know that we would like to be involved in this initiative next year, but we would like to invite at least 20 girls.