Gas Market consolidation continues

RWE Hrvatska takes over gas distribution and supply company Montcogim-plinara

After successful transaction of the local gas companies in Koprivnica last year, RWE Hrvatska has acquired another gas distribution and supply company – Montcogim-plinara based in the city Sveta Nedelja. One of the biggest electricity and gas supplier in the country thus becomes the sole owner of the company which is operating in six Croatian cities in broader Zagreb region – Sveta Nedelja, Karlovac, Jastrebarsko, Sisak, Pleternica i Stupnik.

The company operates 370 km of gas grid, and supplies 11,000 customers. Montcogim’s grid is the most modern and with the lowest losses in Croatia (0.5%). The company also has a high growth potential – out of 60,000 households in the region only 10,000 are connected to gas so far.

„This is the second sale of the gas company in Croatia after the market liberalization, and both have been purchased by RWE. After acquiring 75 percent of the gas business in Koprivnica last year, we are continuing the consolidation of the Croatian gas market where currently 35 distribution companies operate, and strengthening our position as a complex energy provider. New customers will soon be benefiting from cheaper electricity and innovative energy products that RWE introduces in the Croatian market“, says Karl Kraus, CEO of RWE Hrvatska.

Dario Lisičar, one of the former owners of Montcogim-plinara says he is happy and proud that the company is becoming a part of a strong international group. “We believe that with RWE as a partner the company will further invest and develop its grid, and will also successfully answer challenges of the full opening of the gas market in 2021”, says Lisičar.

RWE has also introduced new Management Board members of Montcogim-plinara. Zoran Miliša, the CEO of RWE Energija and RWE Plin, will be responsible for the gas supply operations, while the grid part will be steered by Miloslav Zaur, who lead the Czech gas grid business through consolidation and transformation in the first 15 years after RWE acquisition. “Our goal is to bring Montcogim-plinara to the state of the art of RWE, to benefit all employees and the local community”, says Zaur while taking over his new position.