First gas acquisition in Croatia

RWE Hrvatska officially takes over local gas distribution and supply.

After the Croatian Competition Agency recently gave a positive feedback regarding Croatian RWE buying 75 percent share in companies Koprivnica Opskrba and Koprivnica Plin, on 26th of April the transaction between RWE Hrvatska and the city utility company Komunalac has officially been closed. That has made RWE Hrvatska, after offering 51 million HRK on a public tender, the majority owner of Koprivnica’s gas distribution and supply with network of approximately 13 thousand customers.

“Koprivnica and RWE are official partners from today. RWE Hrvatska is a part of innogy, which is one of the leading energy companies in Europe. We are the only company in Croatia that offers the unique service of gas and electricity supply in all customer segments, across whole Croatia. From the start we have offered fair prices of supply, a promise which has been kept till this day. However, our expansion in Croatia wouldn’t have been possible without a quality strategic partnership with local businesses. RWE entering the gas business in Koprivnica has started the consolidation process of the gas market. We are happy and proud to welcome Koprivnica to our big innogy family” said Karl Kraus, CEO of RWE Hrvatska.

The supply and distribution companies’ new boards have been presented. Members of the board of Koprivnica Opskrba are Zoran Miliša (CEO) and Marjan Vugrinec (Member), while members of the board of Koprivnica Plin are Miloslav Zaur (CEO) and Marinko Bagarić (Member).

Miloslav Zaur comes from Czech Republic, where he was the CEO of RWE Gas Net. He has worked in the gas industry for over 35 years, while spending 15 of those years with RWE. He has been a part of the liberalization of the Czech gas market, as well as consolidation and merging small regional companies into a bigger one. “Our goal is to bring Koprivnica Plin to the level of excellence of RWE and innogy group, to benefit all employees and the City of Koprivnica” said Zaur while taking over his new position.

Zoran Miliša has been the CEO of electricity and gas supply companies RWE Energija and RWE Plin for the past four years. Likewise, he is RWE’s regional retail manager for Croatia and Slovenia, and starting from now on, the CEO of Koprivnica Opskrba. Miliša founded a company Energija 2 in 2011, which has, after being acquired by RWE in 2013, changed its name to RWE Energija. Today, RWE is the second biggest supplier of electricity in Croatia, with over 115 thousand customers.