CFO Forum 2018: Alena Rozsypalová talked about digitization and automation

The impact of information technologies on business is unstoppable. This fact is well known to us, thus topics such as big data, automation and cloud are no longer marginal. If we want to maintain our status of the leader in our business, we must walk towards modernity. Alena Rozsypalová, CFO at iSEE, talked at the Slovak CFO Forum 2018 about the processes related to digitization and automation at innogy South East Europe. As stated, digital transformation represents a big cultural change which requires the creation of an innovative culture.

“During the implementation of the changes, we had to challenge the status quo within our organization since the transformation means walking away from long-standing business processes which traditional companies are built upon. We analysed 14 departments of enabling functions, where we found 94 options for possible digitization. We decided to prioritize 34 of them. Moreover, we proposed the savings in the scope of 1,5% FTE and 2064.6 working hours. We want to work efficiently and digitally. Our industry is not outdated as it offers an immense space for digitalization. We are ready for the change!”, said Alena.