20 years of Zagreb waste water treatment plant ZOV

Did you actually know that innogy is managing the waste water treatment in the City of Zagreb, Croatia’s capital? 20 years ago, we started the company ZOV (Zagrebačke otpadne vode) together with partners and build the most modern facility in that region. The unit has the capacity to treat water for 1.2 million citizens, and over the last two decades 350 million Euro were invested.

During the celebrations of the anniversary, Karl Kraus, CEO of innogy South-East-Europe, highlighted the meaning of the facility in the region: “With ZOV, not only the environmental standards of the city were raised, but also the river Sava became one of the cleanest in Europe.” Already 20 years ago, the facility was designed to comply with the standards of the European Union, and thus was a contribution to the development of the country.

ZOV is not only treating waste water, but it also produces energy from bio gas. 80 percent the energy demand is produced onsite in a 4 MW unit. All this makes the faciilty a popular place for visitors. “Every year, we are welcoming at least 500 kids from the schools in and around Zagreb and explain to them how to protect our planet and keep water clean“, said Thomas Sichla, member of the ZOV board. But also technicans and researchers from all around the world are frequently coming to the waster water facility to enrich their know-how. More than 3000 every year. The concession agreement on waste-water treatment with the City of Zagreb lasts until 2028.