innogy South East Europe

The company innogy South East Europe (SEE) coordinates the activities of innogy in the regions of Central and Southern Europe. In relations to the parent company it is responsible for several subsidiaries in Slovakia, Croatia and Slovenia.

Company´s headquarter is located in Bratislava, Slovakia with its main operations located in Kosice, Zagreb and Ljubljana. SEE covers the area of 125, 900 km² with 11.7 inhabitants and  850, 000 innogy´s customers. The overall electricity consumption  is 58 TWh and  gas consumption is 86 TWh.

SEE has recorded a significant growth since 2013 as it has doubled its size and expanded into new markets and segments.  In Slovakia, we are an established dual fuel provider and E+ retailer with more than 650, 000 customers.  We are the biggest energy market challenger in Croatia with 210, 000 customers. Within one year in Croatia we acquired 100,000 customers. Slovenian market is the youngest part of SEE, where we are the first foreign energy player with 30, 000 customers.

The innogy brand name is a symbiosis of the terms innovation, energy and technology.

Its competency includes strategic planning and development for individual national markets, optimizing of internal functioning as well as representing the interests of innogy towards individual regulatory offices, representatives of state or communal institutions, banks and other important subjects on the markets where innogy SEE operates. At the same time innogy SEE makes up the internal interface with the parent company innogy SE. In Slovakia innogy SEE coordinates the activities of all companies of the group VSE Holding.

Main targets:

  • iSEE aims to become the most reliable and innovative energy partner in the region.
  • We are strongly focused on building trustful alliances and partnerships with our key external stakeholders.
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